About Our Brand

We are tired of similar and low-quality products. We clearly know what quality is and what luxury is. It's just that we don't have the opportunity to express. OVONZO is coming for this mission.

Everyone is an artisan

Ovonzo undertakes such a mission, luxury can be created by ourselves. Here, you can not only choose unique products handmade by artisan, you can also choose DIY, your own hands, your own brain, your own heart, to customize your own luxury.

Origin of the logo

Because we Crafted with an Obsession for Quality, we
chose the ancient Oracle "匠", It means master,artisan. Our logo is a combination of four “匠” haracters. Every product comes from disdainful enthusiasm, the producer or a real artisan, or you and me. We cut it into pieces that can be operated independently.

Through DIY, you can also customize your own luxury like a artisan. Whether you use it for yourself, or give it to your family or friends, it is no longer a simple ommodity, it has a temperature, and it represents your heart.

About the material - EcoFib

For this reason, after years of hard work, we have developed EcoFib, which is a perfect substitute for genuine leather. Its hand feel is very delicate. If it is only based on the hand feel, even the old craftsmen with many years of leather goods experience can hardly distinguish. And its ultra-fine particles provide an excellent touch while absorbing scratches caused by accidental contact.

n wet weather, rainwater only flows on its smooth surface. Whether it is in appearance or touch, as a substitute for genuine leather, we are sure that it will not disappoint you.